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RASCO Escutcheon Recessed FP 1/2" Chrome-Push On

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SKU W828

Inside Diameter - 2 1/8"
Outside Diameter - 3 3/16"
Depth - 7/8"

FPC (Previously Part# F122) Escutcheon for use with RASCO (Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Company) fire sprinkler model numbers:  RA1311 RA2845 RA2945 RA2514 RA2865 RA2634 RA1313 RA2745 RA3045 RA2614 RA3333 RA0362 R1762 R1742 R5842 R5512 R4852 R3511 R7218 R7618 R5942 R5612 R3533 R3513 R1712 R3516 R7618 R3311 R3313 R3316 RA1414 RA1413 RA0852 R5914 R7218 R7518 R3612 R5314 R5334 R5714 R5734 R5814 RA1564 RA5814 RA5914 RA6414 RA6514 RA6612 RA6712 RA5412 RA6212 RA6312.